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20140920_140237Welcome to Daves planet where I will share my deepest thoughts and simplest ideas. I will talk about sports, travel, business, and insurance from my home in Texas where I contemplate the deeper meaning of life. This is not an attempt to waste your time but really a place where I can bolster my internal universe and keep people abreast of my life.

If you would like to be privy to my opinions regarding life, love and the universe then drop in from time to time and check out the view. Not much will be new or interesting but everything will be one hundred percent home made. None of that junk you can cook up on the web paying ten dollars a day for a subscription to something useless.

I was spending some time researching hotels the other day and found out that you can get a lot done with booking sites like booking or exped-ia. What a pleasure to be able to upload an app to your phone and fifteen minutes out of town book a hotel in a foreign country. It’s perfect for when I take my summer trips to Turkey or have a day off and want to get out to Galveston or San Antonio.

Well that’s all for now but if you want to check out my regular posts the home page has all the info you need.

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