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I’ve lived in a few different places so far in life and they have had pretty different climates. New York, where I grew up is cold for about half of the year. Because of this we didn’t have as many problems with insects as we did when I was living in Texas. I remember there were mice sometimes. One time, a mouse died behind the fridge and we couldn’t find it for what seemed like forever but there was a terrible smell in the kitchen. We looked everywhere and couldn’t figure out where the smell was coming from but finally my dad found it up underneath the tubing in the fridge. It would smell bad when the fridge’s fan turned on. Gross right?! We’d also have lady bug problems. Thankfully lady bugs are pretty much harmless, but they’d all gather on the upstairs bathroom wall when it was still cold out but getting warmer (spring time). They never did any damage that I know of, but it was just annoying to be brushing your teeth and have a lady bug come flying into your face. If you have these or other problems I would recommend a top notch pest control company locally owned such as Sniper (

bed bug1Texas was totally different. First of all, the climate is a lot warmer so I think there are just more critters that can stay alive throughout the year. The bugs are bigger too. They have big black crickets, cicadas, cockroaches, scorpions, and fire ants. Thankfully, in the first house I lived in in Texas, our landlord sprayed for bugs so we didn’t have too many issues. I was really thankful that he took care of the pest control because I would not have known where to start. In some of the other houses I lived in, we had to take care of the pests on our own. We used fire ant  killer on some of the big anthills in the yard and set up traps around the house for cockroaches. I wish I had known about a good, reliable pest control company at that time because we probably would have used them.

Right now I’m living in Colorado and there are much fewer bugs up here. I guess it has something to do with the altitude, the dryness, and the harsh winters. I haven’t had any issues so far with bugs. The only annoying pests that we deal with on a daily basis are the squirrels that are always getting into bird feeders and climbing all over the house. But overall they aren’t the worst, and they are pretty entertaining to watch!

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