Pigs in Texas

When Pigs Fly

Pigs in Texas are not only a source of food but something for many owners to truly be proud of. The quality of meat in Texas is truly beyond anything that is available in other areas. The high number of ranches and farms where pigs are raised in this fertile area will lead to a high number of high quality meat for those who enjoy it. No matter where you come from, no matter what your experience with meat is, you will enjoy the product. Who doesn’t enjoy quality bacon? who doesn’t enjoy a great slab of meat. With the high competition for quality meat in Texas, comes a high quality product and low price. What better way to get the best bang for your buck. As much as you want, we have, As much as you can eat, you should eat. A donkey I saw along the road

Non-GMO the way to go

Not only are our pigs fed high quality non GMO food but they are butchered from the highest quality and most experienced butchers in the area. We can guarantee you’re getting the most precise and efficiently piece of meat, rather than some old poorly cut slab from your local seller. We strive for quality and efficiency. You come in, you buy our product, you leave satisfied. Pigs are strong animals that provide one of the most flavorful entrees in the US, you can’t waste the opportunity for that delectably delicious option. Whatever cut you want, our butcher are even willing to customize your order for you. You can get whatever part of the pig you desire and have it prepared right. Don’t feed your children food that will hurt them, feed them organic fed and raised meat that isn’t processed. Just as our animals are well nourished, so are the customers who buy our product. Pigs are a great opportunity, but they must be raised well and by experts if you want the highest level of quality available for them. Learn to enjoy and sense this quality with every experience you have in this industry. Why gamble with the rest, when you can simple have the best.