Texas Deer Hunts

Deer Hunting in Texas is a series of specialised hunting events that occur yearly in pursuit of the White-tailed Deer that hunters can proudly put on their wall as a trophy.


Each year Deer hunters are provided with specific times of the year ranging from a couple days to several months where they have their opportunity to get their latest trophy. Tough government regulations prevent overhunting from occurring as the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department prohibits hunters from targeting Deer with antlers less than thirteen inches wide or have no unbranched antlers.


Do you need a license to hunt White-tailed Deer? Absolutely! Anyone aged seventeen or over in Texas must have a hunting license with severe penalties enforced which could include fines, removal of weapons and even jail time depending on the severity of the felony. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department will do routine license, weapons and game checks. Youths under the age of seventeen are welcome to apply for a Youth Hunters license and also participate in Youth hunting season which are shortened versions of the regular Deer hunting season normally between two days to several weeks. So, when you are hunting in Texas for Deer be sure to either apply for a hunting license or keep it updated.


Also, be cautious during Deer hunting season which counties are available to hunt deer. Not all counties will be open during the regular or Youth hunting seasons. If you are unsure then contact Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the last thing you need is an unwarranted felony for not doing your research!

It’s also important for hunters to know the difference between a male Buck and a female Doe. The major difference being that the Buck has antlers compared to the Doe which has none, because of this the Texas government will provide punishments to hunters who kill Doe’s as they are critical to re-populate the White-tailed Deer population between seasons.

The White-tailed Deer is a beautiful animal with adults having large dark or tan brown coat during the summer months. In winter due to the colder climate in northern Texas, temperatures have been known to hit below freezing point. This has resulted in some Deer having dark grey coats. The White-tailed Deer is considered a herbivore depending on the season the Deer’s diet will change based upon its surroundings.


For Texas Deer hunters working out the best time to hunt will help them secure that trophy that they want. White-tailed Deer will look to feed similar to a human being during the morning and late afternoon. When working out what type of plants they’ll eat consider the time of year, summer diet will consist of green plants which will be large in variety whereas in winter they will be looking for twigs and wood-like plants. Thinking of that will help plan out your next hunt.

Despite these aspects, this does not make the Deer easy prey for the hunter! There are three reasons for this, firstly is their herd mentality, Deer will tend to travel in herds to confuse predators and hunters alike as to whom to select. The second aspect is the Deer’s defence mechanism of speed and agility, the White-tail Deer is known to travel to speeds of up to 30 miles, so unless you are driving during your next hunt it is very unlikely you will hunt one at full speed. Added to this the male Buck can use his antlers in self-defence to see off any would be hunters which if you are not careful can get you seriously injured! So, how do you catch the Deer off guard then? The key to this is making sure your group remains quiet during the hunt and knowing which Deer is going to be your next target. If you can find one that seems isolated from the rest of the herd that is an added bonus and makes hunting much easier.

Sure, you now have a pretty good understanding of some Deer characteristics but you will still need the appropriate rifle that is going to make your next hunting season worthwhile! Some of the larger Bucks weigh up to three-hundred pounds so best to bring a weapon that can take them down within one to two shots. So which weapon should you choose? Well, this depends on your budget, preference, safety features, and scope just to name a few factors. As a generic rule of thumb when purchasing a rifle the manufacturer’s standard recommended price range will be between five-hundred to two-thousand dollars, so be sure to have some cash saved up.


If you have any queries regarding Texas Deer hunting season, hunting regulations or other questions you can contact the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department on (512) 389-4800.


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